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The work, is particularly critical and aims, through a total of action, in the more general modernisation of Public Administration and in the benefit of services of added value to the citizen. The governmental Gate will provide from a central point completed briefing in the citizens and the enterprises with regard to all their transactions with the Public Administration (natural or electronic), as well as selected services of Electronic Transactions.

From operational opinion, the work is moved in three fundamental axes that concern: In the completed collection and organisation of required information from the total of Public Administration and her disposal in the Internet for the reliable briefing of citizens of/enterprises with regard to in their transactions and in their interaction with the government owned mechanism.

In the growth of essential infrastructures for the complete support of Interoperability between the informative systems of Public Administration and in the growth of applications for the benefit of services of Electronic Transactions from a central point.In the Digital Authentification of citizens of/enterprises in services of Electronic Transactions of Public Administration, in the frame of benefit of sure services of Electronic Governing in each level.

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