Tourism accomodation Legal Framework

  • Competent Entity: MINISTRY OF TOURISM
  • Press : Information
  • Last Updated: 18/08/2009

Laws, Presidential Decrees and Ministerial Decisions regardings the legal framework relevant to accomodation businesses.

The following are included in the attached documents:

  • Ministerial Decision 13635/2006 8220 Amending Presidential Decree 337/2000
  • Law (N.) 1652/1986 «Time sharing contracts and regulation of related matters»...
  • Law (N.) 2919/2001 "Combining research and technology with production and other provisions" (FEK A 128/25.6.2001)
  • Presidential Decree 337/2000 "Classification of rooms and apartments to let in class by the system of keys"
  • Presidential Decree (Π.Δ.) 43/2002 Classification of principal hotel accommodations in categories according to a star system and technical standards thereof (FEK A 43/07.03.2002)
  • Decision of the Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organisation
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