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Acceptable Use Policy (01-DEC-08)

Acceptable policy of use website by his visitors. Enterprises, schools and Internet Service Providers create AUPs for the prevention spamming, the piracy and other illegal energies.

Access (01-DEC-08)

Ιn general, the right to enter or make use of. In a computer context, entry granted to a software path that establishes the right to use a system and its resources; to read, write, modify, or delete data; and/or to use software processes with various capabilities, (v.) to achieve the status of having access.

Access Authorisation (01-DEC-08)

In regard to eGovernment: giving access to the possibility to communicate electronically

Access Control (01-DEC-08)

The granting or denying to a subject of certain permissions to access a resource (e.g., to view a certain file, to run a certain programme).

Object Linking and Embedding (01-DEC-08)

A set of protocols which allow programs operating in Microsoft Windows to cooperate with each other