Purpose and Aims of the Project

The project entitled «Greek Framework for Service and Electronic Government Interoperability Standards» designed to study the Service Framework of Electronic Government and the development of interoperability standards for the Greek Government. More specifically, the aims of the project are summarized in the following ones:

  • Citizens / Enterprises Support to find & use the public information, and interact electronically with the Public Administration Support for content exchange among information systems and integrated services for Electronic Transactions, that is e-Government services of the 3rd and 4th level) towards Citizens / Enterprises
  • Supply of safe and integrated electronic transactions, especially of the 3rd and 4th level of Electronic Government, of the whole Public Administration.
  • Development of Electronic Transactions for Public Administration under the Greek Electronic Government. This aim requires the design of the necessary standards of metadata and XML schemas(metadata & XML standards), as well as the organization and updating already design or under design standards according to the Interoperability Framework and the procedures, standards and priorities that this has defined.
  • Guarantee that employees of Public Administration will be aware.
  • Successful acceptance of these frameworks by the contractors of Electronic Government in Greece.
  • Communication and coordination of the staff of bodies, who will participate in groups and committees of the project and will provide standards, assessment, management and updating of these standards and frameworks.