Issue - Expected Results:

The project involves a study of Service Framework for Electronic Government and the development of interoperability standards for the Greek Government. Specifically, the project includes:

  • The determination of Certification Framework for Public Web sites, that is, the setting of standards and specifications that will contribute to homogenisation of the presence of the Greek Public Administration on the Internet and the management and publishing of the content to support the Citizens / Enterprises in  finding Public Information and electronic interaction with the Government. 
  • The determination of Digital Authentication Framework for Citizens / Enterprises which will be required to provide secure and integrated electronic transactions, especially for the 3rd and 4th level of Electronic Government of the whole Administration. 
  • The design of metadata standards and XML formats (metadata & XML standards), which will be required for the development of all Electronic Trade Administration services by the Greek Electronic Government, as well as the organization and updating of already planned or under design standards, according to Interoperability Framework, procedures, standards and priorities that will. 
  • The development of suitable (in qualitative and quantitative level) educational material for all the theoretical and practical aspects of the above, with a view to provide rapid transfer of knowledge to all employees of Public Administration and conduct a series of educational seminars in a satisfactory number of staff, who will then undertake to convey technological knowledge and the management of cooperation among the Public Bodies of Public Administration, for the maintenance of those standards and frameworks.