Bodies who are responsible

Contructing Authority:

Information Society SA
The Information Society SA is a company which takes place in the public interest, according to the rules of private economy and has no industrial or commersial nature.  The main aim of the company is to support the final beneficiaries of the Operational Program "Information Society". Specifically, the company supports the actions funded by the program in various ways.

The company was founded acoording to law V.2860/14-11-2000 article 24 (FEK/A/251), functions
according to the statutes described in FEK/B/324/27-3-2001 and supervised by the YP.ES . D.D.A.
It is a flexible mechanism to support the implementation of projects of the Operational Program "Information Society". Its basic aim is to upgrade the expertise of the public sector and the full utilization of the investments in information and communication technologies. At the same time it intents on development of computing and communication industry in an environment of healthy competition.

The Information Society SA, aims to provide assistance to beneficiaries of E.P "Information Society".  It also aims to:
  • proper management of human and financial resources
  • timely and effective implementation of projects
  • ensuring high quality in a cost-benefit
  • Configuration of healthy market competition.                                                                 
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Target Body for the project:

Ministry of Interior - General Secretariat of Public Administration & e-Government
The responsibilities of GSPA include:
  • The designing of statutory framework, the supervision and the guidance for the structure and function of all public services which are dedicated to serving the citizens under conditions of legality, transparency, objectivity and efficiency.
  • The responsibility of the corporate Program "Information Society" as far as studies, projects and activities referred to  eGovernment and provision of quality services towards citizens are concerned.
  • The implementation of goals and the coordination of General Secretariats of Ministries and Regions to be achieved the priorities of the corporate Program "STATE", which is oriented towards the institutional simplification of administrative procedures, that create obstacles to the normal function of services, and absorb valuable time from citizens who contact the Public Administration.
The commitment of the Secretariat for Public Administration is concentrated on the sentence: "Constant, methodical and intensive effort for better services to all citizens.

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